Rent To own

Have you been denied a traditional mortgage or are unable to qualify? Then our program might be right for you.

Who is Eligible?

If you have been turned down by the bank for a traditional mortgage, we want to help. Whether you are self-employed and your income is not recognized by the bank or a new immigrant who hasn’t established enough credit or you went through a financial crisis and now have bad credit or have no credit, we want to help you. As you rent the property you will build your credit with the help of our credit team so that you will be able to purchase your own home. 

How It Works?

Our Rent to Own Program helps you purchase your own home within a certain time frame depending on your individual credit assessment. First you will meet with our qualified credit team, who will help you determine your current credit situation and will come up with a custom plan to repair or establish your credit. You then will be assigned a Realtor who helps you find the home that will work for you. You will rent the home for the time frame that was agreed upon with our credit team. A portion of your rent will go towards your option consideration which will be converted into your down payment at the end of your term when you choose to purchase the property.  

Apply for the Program

If you think our Rent to Own Program would be of interest to you, all you have to do is apply below. All information is kept strictly confidential. We are diligent in our process as we want to make sure that you will own your own home as soon as possible.

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