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We are Real Estate Investors located in Edmonton, Alberta, that offer property solutions to current owners and landlords. We also have a Rent to Own program for those interested in homeownership. ​

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Credit and Support Team

We have a qualified Credit Mentor and Mortgage Brokers to help you rebuild and establish your credit as well as Professional Realtors who help you find the home that suits you best. ​

Investors and Partners

We work with a group of experienced investors who desire to help individuals and families achieve homeownership through proven and effective strategies. ​

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I worked with API on a few deals they were very easy to deal with and pretty knowledgeable about what they are doing.
by Royer Ben
Self employed
Thank you to the Staff at Adolphe Property without them my husband and i will not be a homeowner today!
by Kenya Soval
House Wife
On a few occasion i check with them without really not interested to do any business with them, i was just checking them out, but i end up do doing business because they smart and trust worthy to deal with plus they offered me a sweet deal.
by Dianne Fontus
Self employed
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